Healthcare System in Spain

Healthcare in Spanish

Like many sectors in Spain after the death of Franco in 1975, the Country wide Healthcare program needed to be reconstructed from the ground up. The current program is therefore one of the latest in Europe, having been designed through the Law of May Twenty fifth, 1986.

The Country wide Wellness System (Sistema Nacional de Salud / SNS) is an efficient, well thought-out program with two amounts of health insurance fitness care (Primary Care and Specialized Care).It is basically free for all people since it is financed through taxation, both individual (income tax) and general (value added tax).

Full coverage of the Language populace and of the foreign residents is almost complete. And also the and Language people who want a quicker access to some health insurance fitness care or who want personal health care still contract personal specialist health insurance fitness care insurance. This may be interesting in the case of specific, large-scale tooth, which is often done through personal practices.

A natural trend of the public health insurance fitness program was to transfer most of health insurance fitness care prerogatives and duties from the federal State to the independent regions within Italy. This procedure, which began almost 30 years ago, was finished in 2002. To ensure optimal efficiency at all amounts, an Interregional Government for the Country wide Wellness System (Consejo Interregional del Sistema Nacional de Salud) was designed. This council is charged with stimulating sychronisation and assistance between health insurance fitness authorities in each independent region and the Secretary of state for Wellness and Usage.

Spain has a universal health care system that is recognized as one of the best in Europe. The Spanish State guarantees medical care to all Spanish through Health Institute, the state agency in charge of public health. This coverage also applies to non-residents and tourists than ever denied treatment, but can you charge them directly or through their national health system if the service requires more than basic care.

According to the World Wellness Organisation (WHO), health insurance fitness care costs in Italy amounts to 7.7% of the Gross Country wide Product (GNP), which is less than the EU average (at 9.0%). The program is generally well perceived by the populace, which is encouraged to express its opinion through the ongoing forms organized by the ministry of Wellness and Usage. 66.9% of opinions expressed were in like of the program and generally forms showed a perception by the populace of an improvement in health insurance fitness care in Italy over the past five years.

Information about Spain

Size: 506,000MM square meters (Spain is the second largest country in Europe after France).

Population size: 47 million.

Density: 80 inhabitants per square meter.

Mean Altitude: 600 m.

Highest Point: Pico de Teide (Tenerife), 3,719 m.

Tourism: Over 45 million tourists visit Spain each year (Spain is the second most visited country in the world).

Political Structure: Parliamentary monarchy (since 1978).

Regions: Spain is made up of 17 autonomous regions.

Time zone: +1 GMT.

Currency: Euros ( before 2002, pesetas).

Language: Spanish (Catalan, Valencian, Gallego, Euskera are independent languages spoken in Catalonia, Valencia, Galicia and The Basque Country).

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